Top 8 ways to use online video to benefit your SEO

SEO and video content

Guest post by Sara Parker

Online video is a big part of the social media stream, and a big part of web design now that people have realised that (on the web at least) a moving picture is worth thousands of words. To a site user, a video can be a product walk through, an expert’s guide to playing a hole on a golf course – anything, in other words, that is best expressed visually.

SEO and video content

To a web bot, though, an online video is less obvious. So we end up with a situation where in terms of old school SEO, a thousand words are worth more than a moving picture; but in terms of sensible web design (i.e. building sites that impart the most satisfactory information in the shortest and most accurate fashion) the opposite is true.

How do you proceed?

1: Increase Your Blended Search Impact

A blended search result is what you get on Google when you type out a search query and see links to video files and images as well as to “traditional” URLs. In order to maximise your potential to appear in the blended search results you will need to create a sitemap in which video files are marked up semantically. The sitemap sends search engines to your video content when appropriate search queries are filed.

2: Make Your Videos Stand Out From the Crowd

It’s the old battle cry again – Content, Content, Content! Here’s a rule for you: you should never have anything on any of your web pages that does not excite the interest and passion of your visitor. If you are not telling them something useful or delighting them in some way, what are you doing?

3: Spare a Thought for the Robots

Search engine web bots have a hard time “reading” pictures. It’s something to do with not having eyes. If you don’t add a textual transcription and fill your video’s page with links and relevant comments, then a web bot will have no idea what it is looking at. Remember that the URL can be optimised to give a strong weighting to your video in search results – as can the page’s meta tags and descriptions.

4: Don’t be Afraid to Go Around the Houses

Make a post relevant to your video and embed the video in the post. That way, web users searching for keywords relevant to the video get routed to it “round the houses” – finding the post and then watching the video. Effectively your video file augments the page in the eyes of both web bot and human user – making it an automatically attractive selection for a high search engine page ranking.

5: Analyse, Analyse and then Analyse Some More

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while now knows all about analysis. As far as I’m concerned, analysing the social media graph of people visiting your page and viewing your video post is one of the major reasons for having the post up there in the first place. Use biographical and demographic information from the social web to target future content creation so your pages become even more relevant to your audience.

6: Make Your Viewer do the Work For You

Video viewers will send your file onto other users if they like it enough. That means putting up buttons that make bookmarking, sharing and “liking” your video as easy as possible. It also means paying attention to the “content, content, content” maxim I am always pushing. A great video gets shared – and that means creating great videos in the first place.

7: Employ the Professionals

You are probably not an online video director by trade – so why try to make one without help? The snappier and more sophisticated your video is, the better it plays and the more chance there is of having it shared.

8: Make Content Relevant to Audience

There are two basic types of video content: informational and entertaining. Which type is right for you? An extreme sports brand, for example, might like to upload videos of people falling off bikes because their audience will enjoy them. While a road racing bike brand will want to have videos showing their bikes being well ridden.

About the Author:

Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on SEO and Technology for various search engine optimisation company. Her expertise is in writing articles related to internet providers, SEO, Social media, optimisation services etc.


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