Guest post by Calvin Scott

The shipping industry is intertwined into the economy so tightly that nearly every facet of the industry has a customized tool available to support the process in some way or another.  There is an application for the facet represented by the individual consumer who ordered a package from eBay.  There is an application for the facet represented by the online retailer that orders their products from an American wholesale distributor.  There is an application for the wholesale distributor that has requested inventory shipped via container ships from across the world.  There is even an application for the person that mans the navigational system of the container ship traveling on the ocean.  The top ten shipping related applications for the Android Market, from individual customer to ship navigator, are featured and explained.

Package Tracker Pro by Minstech is an All-in-One package tracking solution.  The #4 Best Selling Paid Application of 2010 held this position for 5 straight months.  It is no wonder since it is such a handy tool for helping businesses and individuals track shipments through various carriers.  The developers of Package Tracker Pro provide an excellent level of support, ensuring the servers are always up and running for their customers.  For $1.99, Package Tracker Prohas several features that accompany its ability to track packages and parcels through a variety of carriers.  These features include notification ringtones and lights, managing packages, syncing between PC and phone wirelessly, delivery route displays, grouping packages by carrier and other view customizations, as well as App2SD support.

Shipping Rates Pro by Aaron Parker only costs $1.99 and for this wonderfully cheap price, there are many benefits of using this application.  This application provides the benefits of tracking shipments, of course.  What sets this application apart from the rest is that it allows its clients to calculate shipping times and cost of shipment through its interface.  Shipping Rates Pro connects to the three main shipping companies, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.  The application submits package specifications to all three companies and returns estimated shipping costs and time for each company.  For $1.99, the shipping estimate can even be purchased through this amazing application.  Shipping Rates Pro combines all the need information with the ability to ship the package right from the palm of your hand.

Cargo Decoder by Strategies in Software is a must have for the safety conscious.  This handy tool is a digitized searchable reference of the 2008 version of the Emergency Response Guide.  Need to know what potential hazards wait in the truck next to you?  Curious if the liquid on that train is flammable?  As long as you have the four digit number from the DOT placard, Cargo Decoder can identify what the substance is.  This application has seriously powerful search capabilities for a free application.  It even comes standard with Voice Search.  Cargo Decoderhas a market rating of 4.7.  The program requires no bandwidth to search the database, so if the phone is out of network range it is still functional.  The developer of this application created it to aid first responders and emergency aid until HazMat controllers arrive.

Ship Finder by pinkfroot limited is the original and most highly rated ship tracking application in the market.  This application has been featured in maritime and sailing publications and websites for its ability to track a ship in near-real time using “virtual radar” AIS maps.  Ship Finder has an interface that is amazingly easy to use and search abilities that are capable of retrieving a ship’s information simply from a search of its name.  The information about a ship such as its port of registration, destination, ETA, and other technical information can be displayed as well.  Other features included in the remarkable application are its abilities to mark a ship’s route and display live moving ships.  For $3.99, Ship Finderis a bargain and can aid anyone in tracking real time vessel information around the world.

My DAT® Trucker Services by TransCore is a free application that is designed for the drivers that transport cargo across the country and further.  This application provides a network of resources for the truck driver that is constantly on the job.  With an Android version 2.1 or higher, this incredible application has a searchable database of truck stops, rest stops, diesel gas prices, Walmarts, scales and DAT loads.  My DAT® Trucker Servicesdisplays the results in terms of distance, diesel price and parking spaces.  It can also display truck stop amenities such as showers, fuel lanes, services bays, Wi-Fi, laundry services and truck washes.  My DAT® Trucker Servicesprovides the cargo transporter a way to locate all of the necessities while on the road.

Marine Ship Book by Michael Tsoi is a unique phone application that models a phonebook, but this is not a normal phonebook.  This phonebook is designed to contain telephone numbers that belong to marine vessels.  The phonebook design maintains the proper structure of the phone number necessary to contact the marine vessel.  Marine Ship Bookalsoallows the user to create a ship particular list that is fully exportable for use on other devices.  The application also provides the ability for an offline version of the particular list to be created as well, which is stored on the phone’s memory but also on the SD Card as well.  Marine Ship Bookis a unique application that is a necessity for mariners all over.


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