No matter what degree you’re working on, learning is a long process. There are always assigned papers, research to be completed, and tests to prepare for. Today, there are apps for students majoring in different industries to help streamline the learning process. With industry-specific learning apps, students can stay organized, have access to research, reference industry words, and stay on top of the current industry news. Apps put learning right at your fingertips and are a smart adjunct for any degree.

Medical Student Apps

Anatomy is always a must-know for pre-med students. With the Monster Anatomy app, students can navigate the human body in HD. Images are provided for both the upper and lower body with up-close representations of blood vessels, muscles, and bones. The Gene Index HD app maps out the human genome in a simplified manner. Students can search genes by description or symbol for bacteria, plants, and mammals. In addition, students can query CNV data, COSMIC mutations, and Gene RIF interactions.

The 3D Brain app is a great guide to learn about the brain and how it functions with injury or mental illness. This app also includes modern research and case studies.

Apps for Nursing Students

There’s always technical medical terminology to learn in a nursing program. With the Bio Dictionary app, students have access to a large number of biological terms with definitions. Terms and definitions are also presented audibly for the correct pronunciation. The Mini Nurse Lite and Informed Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guide apps are ideal for medication dosages, IV rates, and nursing skills. With the Informed Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guide app, fast answers are provided for questions during a medical emergency. All these apps are perfect if you’re pursuing an online education program in nursing.

Cool Apps for Engineering Majors

The Engineering Libraries app is a valuable reference for structural and civil engineering students. Its interface is easy to use and provides all that need-to-know information on soil, concrete, and wood. Even better, it’s free. The Real Calc app is a godsend for engineers. There’s no need to carry a separate scientific calculator around. This app computes the same level of combinations, permutations, and hyperbolic functions. With the Engineering Pro app, users get more than 650 need-to-know formulas for various sectors of engineering, including civil, electrical, chemical, and environmental.

Must-Have Business Apps

Business students can organize their days, ramp up productivity, and stay current with a number of business apps. The Simple Note app allows business students to easily take notes using a stylus or by just typing notes into a cell phone. All notes are also synced on all the student’s devices. Thinking of pursuing an MBA? The Economist app helps business students figure out which one is right for them. Get data received from more than 20,000 students based on questions answered about the pros and cons of different MBA programs.

With today’s degree-focused apps, students now have a new platform to enhance the learning experience. These industry-specific apps deliver the knowledge needed in real time without having to hassle looking for the answers in books.

Which app do you use to expand your education?