Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROMs – choose one for your device

XDA Developers are the best when it comes to custom ROMs, be it Android or Windows Phone. With a lot of rumors around the Windows Phone 7.8 release date, and Microsoft keeping its mouth shut on this, there are a lot of early adopters eagerly awaiting this update. And with the recent news that LG may not update it’s LG Optimus 7 to WP 7.8, the owners of Samsung Omnia 7, HTC Mozart, etc., are left in the limbo about the update availability.

Now, folks who have one or all of the following phones, rejoice: [via WP7 Root Tools]

HTC Titan
HTC Mozart
HTC Radar
Samsung Omnia7
HTC Trophy
HTC 7 Pro
Nokia Lumia 710
Nokia Lumia 800

RTM build: 7.10.8858

You can click on the respective phone link to get to the ROM thread. Be sure to read the instructions as it may not be as easy/difficult as the ones for Android. It’s a shame that the folks in XDA can cook these ROMs at such a short interval for these devices (including, Lumia 710/800), but Microsoft can’t drive its OEM partners to push the update to the Windows Phone enthusiasts out there.

Wonder why Samsung Focus has been left out – one of the most popular of Windows Phones. Does it mean that the Focus will be getting Windows Phone 7.8? Well, you may take this as a rumor too.

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